Friday, August 31, 2012

Hand Holding with a Grey Seal

Ben Burville is a underwater wildlife cameraman in Northumberland, UK. He specialises in filming British marine life.

Ben recently filmed himself holding hands underwater with a grey seal. The front flippers of a seal can grasp much like a human hand, although it takes a lot of courage to be this close to a wild animal who could bite or scratch.

An amazing video!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You, too, can track a Great White Shark

Curious as to where a Great White Shark may be lurking? Well, now you can track a few Great Whites that have been tagged by the Marine Conservation Science Institute (MCSI) via a new smart phone app released on January 11, 2012, called Expedition White Shark. The app costs $3.99.

MCSI has attached satellite tags to the dorsal fins of some adult Great White Sharks which will allow anyone to follow the movements of these illusive creatures in real time. The only hitch is that the sharks have to be "finning" or cruising with their dorsal fins out of the water for a few minutes in order for the satellite to pick up the signals. MCSI says that sometimes this will result in mistakes in location, but they will correct these errors later.

The purpose of this app is to "impart interesting Great White Shark life history facts to those who dare to meet the challenges faced by a baby White Shark as it grows through the juvenile and sub-adult phases." Great White Shark encounters might also be prevented.

I played with the app for a few minutes and found the location of a 2,215 lb., 14.4' Great White Shark named Bite Face. In the "Meet Our Sharks" section, ol' Bite Face's picture reveals an expression that you definitely would not want to be close enough to see in person outside of a large boat or sturdy shark cage. Gulp! I'm hearing the song lyrics in my head, "He's a mean one, Mr. Grinch!"

You may also log into Facebook through the app and receive news from MCSI.

The only glitch I had with the app is that it kept telling me to check my internet connection, yet I was able to do everything in spite of that error message. I had to be on the network and am not sure why I was getting that message.

Happy Great White Shark tracking!